WiFi is for most people something that should just work. Today, WiFi is as obvious as the fact that the lights can be turned on. We expect it to work! Our task, when we build a WiFi network, is function. We analyze your needs and build the network based on it.

Our services:

  • Technical advice
  • Assurance of WiFi
  • Professional WiFi design via Ekahau
  • Site Survey with Ekahau
  • WiFi / LAN architecture
  • Project management
  • Installation, configuration and start-up
  • Service and support
  • Training

We build professional WiFi networks for companies and individuals with hardware from the largest hardware suppliers. Regardless of which WiFi manufacturer you want to use, we can make a professional WiFi design via Ekahau.

Our focus is always performance and function. Whether it is an office with laptops and telephones or a warehouse with many truck computers, the network will always feel fast and smooth. If you need camera surveillance, it is integrated in the same installation. It provides a stable and powerful solution.

We design, build, configure and support the entire installation. All for your network to work smoothly around the clock.

We are happy to answer any questions and provide tips and guidance based on your wishes. Our goal is to deliver products and services with a personal touch. If you want to know more, call +46 70 690 98 99 or send and email to info@ccac.se