A WiFi Network should be as easy and stable to use as a wired network. Speed is always key when designing WiFi networks. To get the speed you like, the number of Access Points must be calculated with the number of WiFi units that will be connected at the same time. Today the number of APs are not depending on the area in a high density network. A ballpark number is to calculated with 25-30 units per AP.

With many APs in the same network in an narrow installation channel plan is very important. Access points with the same channel needs to have APs with different channels in between. Some brands of WiFi can automatically set at good and working channel planing, Cisco and Aruba Network will do the jobb. If not, you need to set an manual plan. This is one of the most important configuration that need your attention in a WiFi network. Otherwise the units will not Roam to next AP.

We have done manual channel planing for many years with very good results. If we have a blue print of the area with APs position, god knowledge of wall materials etc we can help you with that. If you give us access to the WiFi we can reconfigure your WiFi.

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