In this day and age it’s very important to look after the security of the company. All facilities are easy to secure with an alarm system, safety doors and window bars. How high security you need is based on the likelihood for espionage and sabotage.

As important as the perimeter security is the data and applications are as well. When it comes to data security it’s important to build a secure network. You need a Firewall that blocks the competitions to reach your data as well as you and your colleague can access the data from the outside. If you are using a cloud service as AZURE or AWS etc the bridge between your physical network and your cloud network needs to be built proof. For larger companies you need to segment the network preventing data to leak.

Don’t be afraid to use WiFi but build the WiFi network with the latest encryption or Certificate. 

One important thing is to keep your network upgraded to the latest released firmware. Vendors are always updating their software to follow all new security standards and by keeping it up to date you keep your company’s data safe.

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