Opticon is now launching one of the smallest barcode readers on the market, the Opticon RS-3000. It has many uses with or without the Finger Holder with trigger, Comes complete with holder and charging cord.

Increase productivity and mobility by using the new 2D fingerprint scanner RS-3000 from Opticon. With it, there is no need to put down a handheld reader.

Pick product, scan, repeat.

The RS-3000 is one of the smallest barcode readers. It can be used both with and without the finger holder. It gives a big gain in efficiency, it allows you to work faster and with improved quality. It is perfect for use in warehouses, logistics and stores.


The finger can mount is easy to click on the RS-3000 to use the Ringscanner. Comfortable to use all day with its small weight 26.2 g or 34.4 g with the bracket.

Powerful reader

Extremely powerful and fast reader for stress-free scanning and fast response, even with barcodes of poor quality. Scans up to 100 fps and the RS-3000 is configurable and programmable.

Bluetooth & NFC

The RS-3000 is Bluetooth 4.2 compatible and supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It also has an NFC tag for easy Bluetooth pairing, which means that it easily connects readers to its work unit. It also supports wireless charging with any Qi-compatible charging pad or charging via USB-C port. 

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lightweight
  • NFC tag for easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Qi -compatible wireless charging
  • Up to 100 fps

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Barcode scanners Opticon RS-3000 Ringscanner
Opticon RS-3000 Ringscanner