OPN-3102i is a newly developed compact 2D reader in pocket size. It is light and fits in your pocket, making it the perfect companion to take with you. It has real-time data transfer via Bluetooth and, when no connection is available, it can also store data locally. OPN-3102i also supports Apple MFi. The integrated NFC tag enables easy Bluetooth pairing and the device also has Qi-compatible wireless charging.

Application of OPN-3102i

OPN-3102i enables organizations to easily integrate barcode scanning into their business process or service to optimize efficiency. Some of the areas of use are field sales and service, retail, warehouse management and visitor registration.

How do we describe OPN-3102i

OPN-3102i is a powerful 2D reader equipped with a high capacity battery so that the scanner can be used for hours without charging. The Bluetooth connection facilitates real-time data transfer to your system and can connect to any device including Apple. It is durable and can withstand a fall of up to 1.5 meters without the need for special protection. OPN-3102i is available in black and white and can be charged via a wireless charger. OPN-3102i scans up to 100 fps.

Using OPN-3102i is simple and straightforward. One button to scan the barcode and one button to correct any mistakes, both actions provide visual feedback for smooth interaction.

Features of OPN-3102i

Some highlights why the OPN-3102i is the perfect companion to scan with:

  • 1D and 2D scanning
  • Apple MFi-certified
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lightweight
  • NFC tag for easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Qi -compatible wireless charging
  • Up to 100 fps

Facts about Opticon OPN-3102i

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