OPI-3301i is a light, comfortable and wireless handheld reader with a pistol grip design. It has a powerful CMOS reader for reading both 1D and 2D. The Bluetooth connection ensures real-time data transfer to your system. Easy to connect with your phone, tablet or computer. OPI-3301i is a reader that works well in all situations.

Area of application of OPI-3301i

A handheld reader for service centers, kiosks, stores and warehouses. OPI-3301i has a modern classic, clean look that fits perfectly on a store counter or desk where no cables are desired.

How we describe OPI-3301i

An ergonomic design increases the comfort of scanning. The modern classic look ensures that it looks good when standing on the bench or desk. The reader can scan both 1D and 2D at a speed of 60 fps. OPI-3301i is Apple MFi certified to facilitate pairing with Apple products such as iPad, iPod or iPhone. Compared to other readers with pistol grips, this one stands out in weight by only 120 grams.

OPI-3301i is easy to use and requires no training.

Features of OPI-3301i

Some highlights why the OPI-3301i should be in your hands:

  • 1D and 2D scanning
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Light weight, 120 g
  • Plug and play

Fatcs about Opticon OPI-3301i

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Opticon OPI-3301i