Create a new in-store shopping experience for your customer

Opticon offers both electronic shelf labels (ESL) and colored digital signage to create a distinct retail and warehousing environment. We strive to optimize how you run your business by providing a superior platform that can improve your profitability and therefore enable new customer-oriented applications, promotions, loyalty programs and efficient processes.

Our labels are used in industries such as grocery stores, cafés, household appliances, pharmacies, warehouses, industry and room signage.

Opticon’s benefits

  • Central server software is included without license fee
  • Easy to change what is displayed
  • Long battery life
  • High-speed bidirectional communication
  • Can be integrated with existing retail system

Opticon offers two series to meet your needs; EE series and PE series.

Opticon traditional electronic shelf edge labels (EE series)

Our traditional ESL series has high contrast and superior viewing angle. The display is bistable, which means that the image will remain on the screen even after the power is disconnected. Depending on individual use, these battery-powered electronic shelf labels can last for many years. We offer different sizes, optional colors and different mounting options, all to provide different technologies for different needs in the same store. Thanks to our traditional electronic shelf labels, all prices are updated and you can market your items whenever you want. Read all about it in the brochure. EE-range accessories or watch this video to learn more about our ESLs and what they can do for you! 

Opticon’s powered electronic shelf edge labels (PE range)

The added value of NFC and LED is what distinguishes the range of Powered Electronic Shelf Label from our traditional electronic shelf edge labels. For example, it allows you to use customer cards, payments and even selectable solutions. The LED can also be used as an indicator for a specific action, to attract attention or to find a product in stock.

We refined the ergonomics and aesthetics of our electric electronic shelf edge labels by removing the need for batteries to create a narrower fit to make the shelf look. A dedicated power rail provides the labels with continuous power, making the powered ESL series a worry-free solution by not having to change batteries in time.

In addition to removing batteries, it is also very easy to install. Within a day, depending on the size of the store We have different assembly options, without compromising on the shelf space. To provide more insight into the installment payment and all accessories, we refer to the brochure on PE-range accessories.

With our powered electronic shelf labels, you can create a whole new level of customer experience and commitment. This allows you to implement a shopping experience without cash.

Watch the video to see how an unmanned store can be created with our powered ESLs.

We are happy to answer any questions and provide tips and guidance based on your wishes. Our goal is to deliver products and services with a personal touch. If you want to know more, call +46 70 690 98 99 or send and email to